Thank you for stopping in and I look forward to sharing my portfolio of work with you.

My overall approach to my project work is guided by my Lands of Unique Value (LUV) methodology which states,

“The Lands of Unique Value (LUV) methodology is a comprehensive land use study facilitated by UConn’s Associate Professor Peter Miniutti. The LUV methodology inventories and analyzes all existing site features (natural and cultural), then prepares a visionary plan of all proposed land uses. This inclusive, community based methodology determines the most logical and reasonable locations for future land uses, balancing conservation, preservation and sustainable development. The LUV methodology is a ‘pro-sensible development’ attitude.”

The “social-art” of landscape architecture encompasses projects with varying degrees of social (civic) responsibility and self-expression (art).

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My design (vs. planning, etc.) work tends to be smaller scale projects, sometimes private residential, which offers a greater freedom of expression than larger scale public projects. Landscape architects are licensed to protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public, a serious charge. The creation of beautiful objects and spaces is a welcome relief to the civic/social responsibility of planning projects.

Feel free to go to my UConn Pete’s Homepage for my background information, philosophy, approach and attitude regarding the realm of landscape architecture.

Check out UConn’s Community Research & Design Collaborative (CRDC) for operating procedures to better understand how we can help you and why we want to help you.

I have organized my work into the following categories:

Current Work – in progress or recently completed.
Residential Communities
Open Space
Lands of Unique Value (LUV)